Complement and Enhance Existing TM1 Solutions

Posted by: Jennifer Field

Mar 25, 2014 8:10:39 AM

Even though your smartphone or tablet makes you incredibly productive and keeps you connected to the world, do you still find yourself searching for newer or better apps that will make that experience even better and more productive?  Have you ever come across an app that fundamentally changes the way you do things, but which you never realized you needed?   When we see the benefits of technology in our lives, we naturally want to keep seeking out new ways of enhancing and extending those benefits to other parts of our life.

If you’re like most of our IBM Cognos TM1 customers and partners, the example above may resonate with you in a another way: Although you may be extremely happy with your TM1 solution you may also feel that things could always be better.   For example, there may be things that you think could make it easier for you or your users to use TM1, or you may even see some gaps in out-of-the-box TM1 functionality that you think would make your current solution more robust or efficient.  Most customers have no shortage of business problems that they’d eventually like to solve using TM1 or ideas for improving current business processes using TM1.  There is very little you can’t eventually build using TM1 given enough time, tools and resources – but, for most customers all three of these are in short supply. 

Very few would argue that a smartphone or tablet is less useful because we ultimately need to install or even purchase apps.  We feel the same philosophy rings true when reflecting on your investment TM1, which is why QueBIT actively develops its QueBIT FrameWORQ suite of products.  Our add-on products for TM1 are designed to both complement and enhance existing TM1 solutions – they make your investment in TM1 even better.

QueBIT FrameWORQ is a comprehensive line of software products designed to improve and enhance client’s experience with IBM’s industry leading Financial Performance Management software solution, TM1. QueBIT’s extensive experience successfully implementing TM1 and its close relationship with IBM’s product development team and its own customers has enabled us to design a line of products that provide enhanced flexibility and functionality to the IBM Cognos TM1 platform. QueBIT FrameWORQ is comprised of four software components:

  1. ReportWORQ is designed to automate the generation and distribution of reports. It is a valuable tool for users that utilize Excel for reporting needs. This tool automatically distributes existing TM1 Excel reports in different formats (such as Excel and PDF) on demand or according to a schedule.  Customers who find themselves spending hours creating, packaging up and distributing reports out of TM1 via email, to network shares, or even Sharepoint will find ReportWORQ to be a huge timesaver.
  2. WebWORQ enables users to create their own custom, web-based TM1 applications using a familiar Excel interface.  Customers have the power to completely control and customize their screen layouts and formatting. For example, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to build highly dynamic and flexible web pages directly through Excel, empowering users to become more creative and put their own corporate brand on their web solutions.
  3. ControlWORQ (previously known as Applix TM1 Consolidations) allows companies to use a controlled, auditable, and manual journal entry interface for creating and tracking eliminations and adjustments in a Cognos TM1 consolidation. ControlWORQ also automates the reconciliation and elimination of intercompany balances.
  4. BoostWORQ provides a set of productivity tools and troubleshooting utilities that are designed by and for IBM Cognos TM1 Perspectives users.  These utilities draw on our many years of TM1 experience, going back even before the first TM1 Perspectives client for Excel was released, helping our customers to get even more out of their TM1 investments.  For example, BoostWORQ can help you troubleshoot a *KEY_ERR in a DBRW formula and it can also send a workbook to someone who doesn’t have TM1, but who needs to see other, non-TM1 Excel formulas – there is but a small sampling of the utilities available in BoostWORQ.

Want to learn more about QueBIT’s products? Contact our team to learn more!


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