QueBIT Blog: Five Steps to make your planning models ready for ASC 606!

Posted by: Kong Intrasinghathong Sep 11, 2019 5:58:00 AM
The ASC 606 revenue recognition rules took effect for most public companies in December 2017. This Accounting Standards Update explains how and when your organization would recognize revenue from... Read More

QueBIT Blog: Cognos Analytics beyond Business Intelligence

Posted by Joel Kehm

The field of analytics has exploded over the decade as data itself has exploded. From the phone in your pocket to “smart” toilet paper holders which analyze your “technique” and automatically reorder paper when you’re out (I bet you think I’m joking…I’m not), data and analytics inundate our lives. Harnessing the meaningful stuff and letting go of the rest is more difficult and yet more important than ever. Hmm, just re-read that last sentence and that’s a great life lesson, not just a declaration about analytics, isn’t it!

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Topics: Cognos Analytics, Business Intelligence platforms

QueBIT Blog: Plan to Win with Planning Analytics, Report it to the World with Cognos Analytics

Posted by Erik Herman

Can we level the playing field and admit off the top that everybody, or more appropriately, every organization plans? This has been a mantra of my colleague A.G. Tan for as long as I’ve had the pleasure of working with her, and it’s no less true today than it was 4 1/2 years ago when I heard it for the first time, and no less true spanning the decades of collective experience at QueBIT Consulting. And while some planning is simple (e.g. single GL, single chart of accounts, single data source) and some complex (e.g. multiple companies, consolidations, multiple GLs/charts of accounts, multiple data sources, etc.) at the end of the day, much of the work is the same, it’s a matter of approach and scale and having the right tools to support the plan.

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Topics: Cognos Analytics, planning analytics

QueBIT Blog: Prototyping Best Practices for IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) Development

Posted by James Miller

IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) gives us the ability to quickly and effectively prototype a potential business solution demonstrating to stakeholders and others proposed functionalities and capabilities of a design rather than relying on only discussions and theory.

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QueBIT Blog: Goodbye TM1TOP! Farewell TM1 Operations Console!

Posted by Ann-Grete Tan

If you are a long time IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) administrator, you may have developed a fondness through the years for a utility called TM1TOP. TM1TOP would tell you what your TM1 Server was up to, which was especially useful if users called to complain that it was “slow” or “hanging”.

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Topics: TM1

QueBIT Blog: Cognos Analytics 11.1.2 Takes on Data Science – Integration with Jupyter Notebook

Posted by Mike Zill

We at QueBIT think of Cognos Analytics as more than just a BI tool, but rather as a platform that contains BI tools. Between the introduction of the Exploration tool and visualization insights in the past year, Cognos Analytics has enabled users to explore, understand, model, visualize, and most importantly - share these findings securely with others. This means that the platform socializes data engineers, data architects, analytics professional, process experts, and consumers by keeping each party involved in the process of making actionable decisions with data. 

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QueBIT Blog: Adaptive Live 2019 through the eyes of a Partner

Posted by Arden Miller

What is Adaptive Live?

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Topics: Adaptive

QueBIT Blog: That’s a Lot

Posted by Joel Kehm

I’ve got a lot of stuff in my office. Your house is filled with a lot of things you might not need. And then there’s that lot# on your beverage can. But what is a lot and why does it matter? How can something as arbitrary as a “lot” have real importance in our everyday lives? In the English language the word “lot” is used for describing a large quantity of items or some grouping or set of items. In operations we define “lots” as groups of goods received or produced.

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QueBIT Blog: The Road to Adopting AI

Posted by James Miller

Even with the onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI)’s recent advancements and perhaps new or at least reiterations of all that it promises, some organizations continue to wait or “put off” any serious investigation of the technology.

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QueBIT Blog: Making Profiling & Context part of the IBM Planning Analytics Data Modelling Process

Posted by James Miller

In an earlier post (IBM Planning Analytics Data Modelling with Context) I stated that when modeling data as part of a planning analytics solution design, context clues should be developed, through a process referred to as profiling and then “built in” to the data.

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Topics: planning analytics, Data Modeling

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