QueBIT Blog: xP&A Data Hub Primer for the CFO

Posted by: Ann-Grete Tan Jun 1, 2021 9:22:00 AM
Until as recently as 2018, the term xP&A (eXtended Planning & Analysis) didn't exist. It was coined in 2019 by Gartner to visualize the evolution of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). It was... Read More

QueBIT Blog: IBM Think 2021

Posted by Ann-Grete Tan

IBM Think 2021 was 100% virtual and offered for free, though certain Labs and Roundtable sessions were by-invitation only. QueBIT mostly attended free and on-demand sessions during the North American event on Tuesday May 11, 2021. There were parallel events for other regions (APAC & Japan, EMEA & India) which we did not attend.  

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QueBIT Blog: Why Finance should push for improved supply chain planning

Posted by Justin Croft

Today's digital economy has not only increased competition across geopolitical boundaries but has also disrupted traditional business models. To succeed in a world fraught with economic uncertainties that have only been accelerated due to the pandemic, businesses need to realign their operating models to become more agile, adaptable, and innovative.

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QueBIT Blog: Customer Profitability for Wholesale Distribution

Posted by Justin Croft

Today's customer has high expectations - they know exactly what they want and how they want it. Moreover, they're not scared to take it from whichever company offers the best deal. They're no longer attached loyally to a single brand. After all, the competition out there is so stiff, there'll always be a better product or a more generous deal available. This has put businesses under tremendous pressure to maintain their customer bases while keeping customer acquisition and retention costs as low as possible. One of the best ways to analyze this phenomenon is through the customer profitability metric. 

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QueBIT Blog: Why xP&A is more than just Marketing Hype

Posted by Ann-Grete Tan

Coined by Gartner in 2019, the term xP&A stands for Extended Planning and Analysis. Often touted as a rebranded and overhyped version of Integrated Business Planning by many pundits, Gartner claims xP&A is much more than just that. In this article we will offer arguments to support this contention.

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QueBIT notice re: the April 13 2021, IBM Planning Analytics Secure Gateway Outage

Posted by Walter Coffen

To all PA Cloud customers:

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QueBIT Blog: RPA for Reporting, Contribution and now Board Presentations

Posted by Andrew Weiss

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) boils down to simply automating repetitive tasks, especially the ones where we as professionals add little value in the outcome. The benefits of automation over manual work are obvious and plentiful: time saved, the ability to scale a process or delegate ownership, and reduced risk of human error are just a few justifications for investing time in automation. Often we see our customers implement automation through code like VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros, BAT (DOS/Windows command batch) files and PowerShell scripts. However, this route often creates new challenges such as heavy reliance on fragile scripts and technical know-how that is often hard to pass along: software developers call this Technical Debt. QueBIT offers a line of products to provide you with supported tools that help you automate everything from loading data and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) to report distribution and workflows for data collection, without the Technical Debt. QueBIT Euclid Studio allows us to automate data flows, ETL and layer-in predictive analytics while QueBIT ReportWORQ (which is the main subject of this article) now automates data contribution (input forms) and PowerPoint presentation generation in addition to its popular Excel, PDF and HTML report distribution features for data sources such as: Workday Adaptive Planning, IBM Planning Analytics, Excel and Microsoft SQL Server.

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QueBIT Blog: When To Use The IBM Planning Analytics REST API (And When Not To)

Posted by Ann-Grete Tan

When To Use The IBM Planning Analytics REST API (And When Not To) 

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QueBIT Blog: How IBM Cloud Pak for Data supports xP&A

Posted by Ann-Grete Tan

What is xP&A?

QueBIT’s typical client is a Vice-President of Finance, CFO, or an operational executive - say an Inventory manager or Vice-President of Supply Chain. Our typical conversation with them involves an aspect of digital transformation in their planning, analysis or reporting processes; and how technology may help them increase business agility, improve forecast accuracy, speed up planning cycles and make better data-driven business decisions.

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QueBIT Blog: IBM Planning Analytics Workspace: Release Recommendations

Posted by Walter Coffen, Jim Hanifin, Gary Quirke & Ann-Grete Tan

In October 2020, a new user experience (UX) was unveiled for IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW), which we wrote about here. In this article we will share QueBIT’s release recommendations for new PAW. 

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Topics: PAW, Planning Analytics Workspace, IBM

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