QueBIT Blog: Queue the analytics learning opportunity!

Posted by: Erik Herman Feb 21, 2018 10:01:00 AM
QueBIT launches new Cognos Analytics learning video playlist. QueBIT is proud to announce the launch of a new Cognos Analytics video playlist, which is designed to provide individuals with access to... Read More

QueBIT Blog: Don’t Play Beat the Clock with your Cognos 11 Upgrade

Posted by Dustin Wells

Proactively re-imagine, re-introduce, and reap the benefits of a Cognos Analytics updgrade today!

Last year, IBM announced (in somewhat non-committal terms) the end of life for Cognos 10. And while the actual timeline for when IBM will cease support of C10 is not fully clear, the clock is certainly ticking. So rather than viewing your Cognos upgrade as a “lift and shift” to meet an impending hard deadline, you have an opportunity today to re-imagine and re-launch your enterprise analytics on a schedule that works for you to unlock the remarkable new features and functionality of Cognos 11, or Cognos Analytics as it’s known.

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QueBIT Blog: Maintaining a Successful Cognos Analytics Deployment

Posted by Andrew Weiss

Cognos Analytics boasts a rich platform for managing an enterprise BI deployment. To gain enterprise status a platform has much more to worry about than visuals.  Instead it must focus on ensuring a reliable user experience through scalability, availability and security.  Cognos achieves this status through features such as Routing Sets, External Authentication, Security Inheritance, Group Memberships, Scheduling, Credential Management, Historical Data and Content Retention Policies.  Though not the flashy dashboards and drillable charts, these features are what makes Cognos Analytics a solid enterprise infrastructure. 

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QueBIT Blog: 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Planning Analytics Now!

Posted by Andrew Leighton

If you are still using TM1 10.2.2 (or an older version), there are a lot of compelling reasons to upgrade to IBM Planning Analytics (TM1 11).

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Topics: planning analytics, Planning, Planning Analytics Workspace

QueBIT Blog: Calling all Planning Analytics Cloud Administrators!

Posted by Cyrus Rashedi

In the coming weeks, IBM will be rolling out significant improvements to your Planning Analytics Cloud environment to improve stability and conform with the latest security and compliance regulation, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  

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QueBIT Blog: “We are talking about the WRONG Excel problem!”

Posted by Ann-Grete Tan

Recently the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) started a firestorm when they published an article titled “Stop Using Excel, Finance Chiefs Tells Staffs” (

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Topics: planning analytics, Planning Analytics Workspace

QueBIT Blog: PAW Pro Tips #3: Using PAW Calculations

Posted by Andrew Leighton

Welcome back to our PAW Pro Tips blog series. In the previous blog, we looked at how to create interactive map visualizations in PAW. In this blog, we’ll show you how to use PAW calculations directly in the workspace, without writing any code.

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Topics: Planning Analytics Workspace

QueBIT Blog: PAW Pro Tips #2: Interactive Map Visualizations

Posted by Andrew Leighton

Welcome back to our PAW Pro Tips blog series. In the first blog in this series, we reviewed how to use targeted (asymmetric) selections to hide unwanted data in the PAW cube viewer. In this blog, we’ll look at how to create interactive map visualizations in PAW.

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Topics: PAW, Planning Analytics Workspace

QueBIT Blog: Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) Pro Tips #1: Using Targeted Selections

Posted by Andrew Leighton

You may have heard about Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW), the “new” web-based interface for IBM Planning Analytics (PA). PAW is only available on PA 2.0 or greater – if you are still on TM1 10.2 or prior, we hope you consider upgrading and getting access both PAW and the new Excel add-in, Planning Analytics for Excel (stay tuned for an upcoming blog on this!).

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QueBIT Blog: Financial Consolidation with Planning Analytics (TM1)

Posted by Sarah Milius

If you know TM1 you already know it is great at aggregating lots of data and doing complex calculations in real time.  But did you realize that those same capabilities make it an excellent tool for financial consolidation?  As accountants well know, consolidation is more than simple summation. It requires the additional steps of currency translation (with all its subtleties including calculating the cumulative translation adjustment due to certain balances being kept at historic exchange rates and the income statement being converted at the average rate for the period), and other consolidation adjustments such as inter-company eliminations, and eliminating minority interests. All this needs to be done under tight controls and with waterproof audit trails. 

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Topics: planning analytics, Financial Consolidations, Planning

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