QueBIT Blog: Information or Noise? Let Cognos Analytics tell a story about your data.

Posted by: Joel Kehm May 21, 2018 10:50:00 AM
Data Stories As the era of information continues to thrive, we seek more and more insight into what this massive volume of data being produced is trying to tell us. What is it saying about our... Read More

QueBIT Blog: JavaScript Modules in Cognos Analytics

Posted by Mike Zill

Using JavaScript in Cognos Analytics has changed since older version of Cognos. In C10, JavaScript could be placed into HTML items within a report. In Cognos Analytics, JavaScript in reports runs through modules (JavaScript will not run if placed in HTML items unless Interactive Mode is turned off). Similarly to creating a website, JavaScript files will now live on their own in a folder and are referenced by the user within a report.

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Topics: Cognos Analytics 11.0.6

QueBIT Blog: 4 Ways to Keep your Project in Scope

Posted by Robin Stevens

If you’ve worked with an implementation partner on a project in the past, you know that it can be challenging to get the project done on time and on budget.  Clients often feel frustrated because they don’t feel they can control whether they stay on budget or not, since generally the software is new to them, and they don’t have all the information they need to control the project.  But, you, as a client, have a lot more control than you think!  This short post gives you some tips on what you can do to help your implementation team keep a project on track.

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QueBIT Blog-Think 2018: Embracing the Future

Posted by Michael Cowie

Think 2018, which was held in Las Vegas March 19-22, was as big (about 30,000 in attendance) as it was bold: we are entering “an era of man plus machines” where we will be “putting smart to work in a smarter business”, IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty said during her Chairman’s keynote address. Much of the buzz around the conference was focused on future technology in which IBM is investing heavily, such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and more. And while the conference provided opportunities to network and learn more about the IBM analytics software we use right now, which I’ll share in this post, I think it is crucial to frame that in the context of what is coming next and to see how we at QueBIT, as trusted experts in analytics, have already been preparing our customers to embrace that future with open arms.

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QueBIT Blog: What Administrators Need to Know About Cognos Analytics

Posted by Dustin Wells

The benefits upgrading to Cognos Analytics are many, but behind the new face of Cognos, there have been improvements for administrators too.

Cognos Analytics has been improved and refined since its general availability (GA) release with Cognos Analytics R9, truly bringing Cognos Analytics to the top of business analytics tool heap. Below is a rundown of the what Cognos Administrators need to know.

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QueBIT Blog: Make your data work for you

Posted by Mike Zill

Cognos Analytics Data Modeling Features

Working with data should be straightforward and productive, not painful. Users of all data backgrounds can learn to use Cognos Analytics’ web-based data tools to model and report on their data. Uploading and customizing data can now be done in minutes.(check out our latest Data Modeling Features video)

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Topics: Cognos Analytics, Data Modeling

QueBIT Blog: How QueBIT’s READY Score reduces risk in analytics implementations

Posted by Allen Hudson

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QueBIT Blog: Queue the analytics learning opportunity!

Posted by Erik Herman

QueBIT launches new Cognos Analytics learning video playlist.

QueBIT is proud to announce the launch of a new Cognos Analytics video playlist, which is designed to provide individuals with access to a wide range of expanding business analytics learning opportunities. These videos are created by QueBIT’s in-house analytics experts, and are designed to promote learning of fundamental through advanced topics, along with practical applications and best practices.

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QueBIT Blog: Don’t Play Beat the Clock with your Cognos 11 Upgrade

Posted by Dustin Wells

Proactively re-imagine, re-introduce, and reap the benefits of a Cognos Analytics updgrade today!

Last year, IBM announced (in somewhat non-committal terms) the end of life for Cognos 10. And while the actual timeline for when IBM will cease support of C10 is not fully clear, the clock is certainly ticking. So rather than viewing your Cognos upgrade as a “lift and shift” to meet an impending hard deadline, you have an opportunity today to re-imagine and re-launch your enterprise analytics on a schedule that works for you to unlock the remarkable new features and functionality of Cognos 11, or Cognos Analytics as it’s known.

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QueBIT Blog: 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Planning Analytics Now!

Posted by Andrew Leighton

If you are still using TM1 10.2.2 (or an older version), there are a lot of compelling reasons to upgrade to IBM Planning Analytics (TM1 11).

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Topics: planning analytics, Planning, Planning Analytics Workspace

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