Culture Shock: Why Strategic Goals are Crucial for Effective Analytics

Posted by: Gary Corrigan

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Jul 16, 2014 1:01:14 PM

The impact of a predictive data model largely depends on the software technology behind it. But both the models and software can only be so effective without the proper business purposes established. If the goals of a predictive analysis aren’t established up front, then the technology really can’t drive the results you are looking for. Nate Silver harped on the importance of making sure that the data programs, analytics tools, and goals of the findings should all be intertwined.

“Tools are important and efficient code is important, but at the same time, the attitudes you adopt toward this, and a solid understanding of what your goals are… those are more fundamental issues than which software you’re using.”

Silver’s point about understanding what the “data dig” is all about before starting the expedition drives to a bigger picture issue. Too many organizations adapt analytics to have advanced capability. Yet they may only look at meeting short-term goals, or the goals they are looking to achieve can’t be achieved from the tool at hand. And then there is the culture issue.

Silver has talked at length about organizations understanding the culture of their people before applying different technologies—such as big data, advanced analytics, and other forms of predictive modeling and optimization. He has stated that organizations can have communication gaps, and those gaps can filter all the way from the C-level to the analysts. All of the parties need to have bought in on the concept of analytics. Without that level of analytics cultural adaption, the software won’t be embraced and meaningful metrics and forecasting will be hard to come by.

So if your organization is considering adapting an analytics state of mind, make sure they are really ready, especially before making wide-scale investments and implementation plans. Without the cultural and strategic foundation in place, there is potential for unrest. Also, remember that the tool is only as good as the user.

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