How can your business start doing Advanced Analytics?

Posted by: Laura Squier

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May 22, 2014 9:19:41 AM

Tom Davenport, A well-known author of various books about the value of analytics shows that businesses see significant competitive advantage as they move from Descriptive Analytics through Predictive Analytics and then finally to Prescriptive Analytics.


How can your business start doing Advanced Analytics? Hire a Data Scientist? Hire people that have been through a university program? Purchase the latest and greatest technology? Leverage the skills you already have in house?

The bottom line is that your business’ needs will vary based upon the analytics that can be employed to improve the businesses profitability, reduce costs or improve outcomes. Your business can’t move from wanting to do Advanced Analytics to becoming an Analytic Innovator overnight.  But you can start thinking about the value of Analytics and identifying opportunities that will bring ROI.

That’s where our QueBIT Advanced Analytics Team can help. Our Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Readiness and Road-Mapping consulting offering is designed to help you identify strengths, weaknesses and current gaps.   We assess the skills that exist in your organization and identify those that are needed, define best practices for your specific business problems, and finally make recommendations on technologies that can help you with your advanced analytics endeavors.

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