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Apr 17, 2019 9:55:00 AM

The IBM Watson Visual Recognition Service is one of the many services available on the IBM Cloud platform designed to accelerate and automate the AI Lifecycle by simplifying the most complicated, time-consuming steps within a VR project. 

The IBM Watson Visual Recognition service uses industry tested deep learning algorithms to leverage machine learning to examine images for scenes, objects, faces, colors and other content and quickly and accurately tag and classify the content within your own image collections. 

You can use this service in your IBM Watson Studio projects by just “associating” (adding) the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service instance to your ML project.

Adding the Service

After you create an IBM Watson Studio project, you can add the Watson Visual Recognition Service by navigating to the IBM Cloud Dashboard and selecting Watson Services, then clicking on Add service where you can then locate and select the Visual Recognition service:


Next, from the Visual Recognition service page, you can choose a location and resource group for the service instance and then click Create (to actually create the instance of the service that you can use in your project):WS2-min

Once you have created the Visual Recognition service instance, it will be listed on your cloud dashboard and is ready to use within your project:WS3-min


Although you are only allowed to associate the service with one Watson project at a time, you can build multiple models within the same project, using the service. 

Next Steps

If you are not sure what to do next, don’t worry! – the default custom model interface allows you to implement multiple classes within your model (through “drag and drop”  using various assets sourced from your Watson Studio project), train and then test the model you create.


You can literally build, rebuild and tweak a model (as well as use different data sets) and then observe the outcomes as often as you like. What better way to start understanding how the service works?

Still not sure? Check out QueBIT’s upcoming webinar - Facial expression classification solution using IBM Watson Studio on Thursday, May 9th. Register today!




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