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Mar 21, 2023 12:49:58 PM

QueBIT evaluates many solutions in the planning space every year.  It’s rare we find a solution that is game changing and complements our corporate mission.  It’s time for the next generation of business planning platforms (Pigment) and your favorite planning implementation partner (QueBIT).   


QueBIT and Pigment share a common goal of providing customers with an integrated planning solution to break down silos and drive the business forward by connecting finance, sales, HR, marketing and supply chain use cases in one platform (xP&A).   


Customers choose Pigment for its: 

  • Ease of implementation
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reduced data preparation times.
  • More time spent on analyzing the numbers.  

In the Pigment implementations we have successfully completed, we can confirm that these points are valid.      


Complementary to the value that Pigment brings are QueBIT solutions: 


  • QueBIT DataWorq - a special–purpose ETL (Extract, Translate, Load) solution designed for business users and xP&A, to maximize their ability to maintain and manage their planning system data flows and transformations, while also supporting their ownership of data validation. In addition to traditional ETL features, DataWORQ also includes a predictive modeling engine, and an optimization engine designed specifically for a range of predictive analytics use cases.
  •  QueBIT ReportWORQ - enables you to generate and distribute personalized reports across your organization with ease.

Pigment YouTube ChannelQueBIT is pleased to announce the QueBIT – Pigment YouTube channel. One of the first videos will highlight demand planning in Pigment with integration to QueBIT DataWORQ. Watch for the real time use of predictive analytics to drive more accurate demand plans, the ability to rapidly create multiple scenarios and the analysis critical to demand planning.   

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