TM1 Expiring SSL Certificates Fix

Posted by: Walter Anez

Oct 4, 2016 2:07:37 PM

This blog entry is an update to our blog posted on Sept 27, 2016 Titled How to Fix TM1’s Expiring SSL Certificates.

Another Approach to the TM1 SSL Expiring Issue

On Friday Sept 30, 2016, IBM released another approach that will fix the SSL expiring issue. Essentially they issued new 1024 bit certificates with a new expiration date in 2026.

IBM has communicated to us that these are the manual steps to fix the SSL issue. They will be releasing an Interim Fix, which will consist of an automatic updater for both the server and Perspective client. However, given the urgency by some clients, they released these manual steps. The landing page with the summary for each of the manual steps for all versions can be found in this IBM Tech Note.

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Find the Fix that Applies to You:

Perspective Client fix is the same for all versions

Perspective Client -   

BI Fix for all versions


Version 9.5.X or earlier

TM1 Server -

Version 10.1.X

                TM1 Server -

Version 10.2.X Windows

                TM1 Server - (See Important Note below)

Version 10.2.2 FP4 or later

                TM1 Server - (See Important Note below)

Important Note:

We found an issue when implementing 1 step for version 10.2.2 FP4 or later and 10.2.X.

There is a step in both tech notes where it says to run the following command in a Windows Command Prompt:

  • service_pmpsvc stop
  • service_pmpsvc uninstall
  • service_pmpsvc install

Unfortunately, these are not valid Windows Command Prompt Commands, or we couldn’t get them to work. Instead we did the following steps with a successful result:

  1. Open IBM Cognos Configuration and make sure the TM1 Application Server is turned off. Leave the IBM Cognos Configuration window openmake sure Tm1 application server is turned off
  2. In a Windows Command Prompt with elevated (administrator) permissions, run this command

sc delete pmpsvc

(This will delete the IBM Cognos TM1 Application Server from the list of Services)screenshot - deletion of IBM Cognos TM1 Application server

  1. Go back to IBM Cognos Configuration, right click on TM1 Application Server and click Startscreenshot - right click tm1 application server and click start

This will re-register and recreate the IBM Cognos TM1 Application Server service

(Note: if this service is being run by a Network account, then the credentials will have to be re-entered)

Recommended Testing Steps

  1. Perform these steps on the Dev server and test client installation first
  2. Roll the clock forward on Dev server to Dec 1st
  3. Roll the clock forward on client installation to Dec 1st
  4. Test connectivity to TM1 Dev server from the test client installation



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