QueBIT Blog: What Administrators Need to Know About Cognos Analytics

Posted by: Dustin Wells Mar 15, 2018 10:00:00 AM
The benefits upgrading to Cognos Analytics are many, but behind the new face of Cognos, there have been improvements for administrators too. Cognos Analytics has been improved and refined since its... Read More

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QueBIT Blog: Don’t Play Beat the Clock with your Cognos 11 Upgrade

Posted by Dustin Wells

Proactively re-imagine, re-introduce, and reap the benefits of a Cognos Analytics updgrade today!

Last year, IBM announced (in somewhat non-committal terms) the end of life for Cognos 10. And while the actual timeline for when IBM will cease support of C10 is not fully clear, the clock is certainly ticking. So rather than viewing your Cognos upgrade as a “lift and shift” to meet an impending hard deadline, you have an opportunity today to re-imagine and re-launch your enterprise analytics on a schedule that works for you to unlock the remarkable new features and functionality of Cognos 11, or Cognos Analytics as it’s known.

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QueBIT Blog - WARNING: TM1 may STOP WORKING on November 24, 2016

Posted by Dustin Wells

Notice: There is an Important Issue That will affect All TM1 Installations and Versions

IBM Cognos TM1 ships with a digital certificate called an SSL (“secure Socket Layer”) certificate that is used to securely encrypt communication between the TM1 server and its web and non-web (TM1 Perspectives and TM1 Architect) clients. It’s basically a set of files that sit on the TM1 server. These certificates have expiration dates and it was recently realized that the one that ships with TM1 will expire on November 24, 2016 causing any TM1 server using the certificate to stop communicating with its clients. In other words: TM1 will STOP WORKING unless the certificate files are replaced.

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