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Posted by: Kevin Frame

Jan 18, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Data is everywhere

We are in the age of data, it is all around us and drives our daily decision making. From the morning commute to the purchase of an afternoon coffee, we rely on data to drive how we participate in the world. As the world evolves data volumes grow with it and it can be a lot to manage. For our customers, particularly in the Office of Finance, keeping up with changing data is challenging. Business users need confidence in their actuals, flexibility to adapt to data changes, and intuitive software that makes data management and analysis a breeze. Whether it is workforce planning, basic consolidation, or predictive revenue forecasting, it all starts with data.

Empower the business user

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At the start of any new Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) project or initiative the Office of Finance defines success. Having the right function-focused data available and ready is at the foundation of that success. At QueBIT, we feel it is important that there is no technical barrier preventing a business user or manager from managing their own data. Are you tired of asking for the data you need only to find it isn’t complete or delayed? According to a recent BARC survey on data users, 48% of business users cannot implement new requirements themselves. DataWORQ was designed to empower the business user to own and manage their data. DataWORQ’s visual approach to data management makes it easier to keep tabs on where data is flowing. A wide selection of nodes makes it intuitive to perform actions like combining, sorting, and filtering data with no technical knowledge required.

Automate tedious data work easily

Sometimes knowing where to look for data is half the battle. With all the different source systems that exist it is a lot to manage. If you find yourself using multiple tools and managing access to a wide array of source systems, you are not alone. 43% of data users indicate that data for analysis must be tediously gathered from various sources (BARC survey). DataWORQ supports all the major source formats such as flat files, databases, and APIs. This makes the integration of various sources a straightforward exercise that is all managed in one place. Get a running start by taking advantage of what is already built. Operationalize existing queries, procedures, and data loads by dropping them into database nodes. Organize the order of work with the orchestration functionality. Lastly you can automate your work using the built-in scheduling system. This takes the pain out of repetitive data prep and gets you time back for analysis to drive your business forward. Let DataWORQ do the heavy lifting so your data can work for you.

Predictive – It’s not magic when you can see behind the curtain

Knowing where to start with predictive modeling can be challenging. You know you want an accurate picture of what the future holds but you also want the confidence it was derived through science and not magic eight ball wizardry. DataWORQ’s predictive functionality has you covered even if you don’t have data science skills. Everyone needs access to predictive modeling in a way that accommodates different skillsets without diluting the outcome. This was a big takeaway we had from our earlier iterations in the market. Our predictive modeling package, Euclid Studio, was initially built by data scientists for data scientists. But then we found that many of our customers needed predictive modeling capabilities but didn’t have data scientists on staff or accessible within their departments. We took on the challenge of bridging that gap to make predictive modeling accessible to everyone, which is how Euclid Studio evolved into DataWORQ.

Meanwhile all the advanced configuration options for customers with data science experience have been preserved if they are needed but we now have the power of forecasting algorithms like neural networks, and Prophet by Facebook available in DataWORQ without any coding required. You can run multiple algorithms on your dataset with a single node at the same time just by selecting the algorithms with a checkbox. Our suite of analysis nodes will even calculate the best performing algorithms and rank them for you! This allows you to easily set up multiple forecasting strategies, let them compete, and have DataWORQ automatically select the winners.

Bringing it all together

All your data is at your fingertips with DataWORQ. As a business user you are taking control of the data foundation that drives your business forward. Automation of your whole data management process is only a couple clicks away. As you graduate to predictive modeling, DataWORQ takes care of the calculations and will dynamically evaluate the results. This allows you to set up and deliver a true forecasting system that is fully automated and scheduled. Whether you are a data scientist, a manager, or an analyst DataWORQ can take you all the way from having data confidence to leveraging the power of predictive models.

Want to learn more? Check out this webinar recording led by Kevin Frame, Product Manager and Sr. Software Architect for DataWORQ Watch Now!

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