QueBIT Blog: Six Reasons to upgrade from Cognos Planning to Planning Analytics Now! #1

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Jul 10, 2018 10:56:23 AM

Blog #1: Introduction

Cognos Planning (formally known as Adaytum Planning) has been around since the early 1990s. upgrade now Cognos Planning, in its current form, has been around since 2004.  It has served many companies well, but most companies that previously used the product, have since upgraded to Planning Analytics (a.k.a. TM1).  If you are one of the remaining companies that still uses Cognos Planning today, you likely have an ongoing love-hate relationship with the product.  You love it because it has served your needs for many years, and you also likely hate the product because it has numerous performance, scalability and capability issues. 

The product is approaching end of life from an IBM support perspective, and the product is no longer being further developed by IBM.  If you are still using Cognos Planning (CP), now is the time to switch to IBM Planning Analytics (PA).  To support this advice, 3 additional posts in this series will follow to help you!

Upgrading from CP to PA: Six reasons why you should do this right now.

If you are not already convinced by the arguments already presented in the blog posts, here are the overarching six reasons why you should be approving an upgrade to PA right now:

  1. Today you still have a choice.  Soon you will not because the product will eventually cease to be supported by IBM.  Do you want to be ahead of this eventual reality or behind the 8-ball when it does?  The smart money says do it right now, or feel significant pain soon.
  2. Companies that upgrade to PA experience material competitive advantage.  The longer you wait, the further you will fall behind your competitors that have already upgraded.
  3. The need for compliance with regulations, like GDPR, cannot be overstated.  CP is not compliant with GDPR.  Move to PA now, or risk significant non-compliance penalties.
  4. CP hasn’t seen any significant development of the product in more than five years.  It really hasn’t changed much in the past ten years.  By any measure, it is an old and rather worn out solution.  The solution has served you well, but with 250,000 miles on the clock, it’s time to upgrade before the engine fails on you in the middle of your hard-earned vacation.
  5. Consulting and support knowledge of CP at IBM is closer to zero than 100.  Very few CP consultants remain today.  QueBIT has more CP skilled consultants than most, but even we are starting to get very thin on this front.  Upgrade now before the knowledge base fades into a distant memory.
  6. It just makes good business sense to upgrade now.  Put the problem behind you and focus on keeping up with all the other disruptive changes in technology that are happening daily.  Upgrading from CP to PA should be one of your top six IT project priorities over the next 6 to 12 months. 

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