QueBIT Blog: Integrating ThinkCell with Cognos Disclosure Management: Enhance Your Charting Capabilities

Posted by: Jeremy Bar Mar 1, 2017 8:32:38 AM
It is often difficult to understand the story that a particular set of data is telling without a meaningful visualization. You can examine the numbers, but without plotting a trendline or a... Read More

QueBIT Blog: Dynamic Reporting with Cognos Disclosure Management

Posted by Jeremy Bar

It’s the end of the quarter, and you’re looking to put together your quarterly presentation for the board. You’ve run the data, the numbers look good, and you’ve done your qualitative analysis. There’s only one thing left to do – update the PowerPoint. With 40 slides worth of numbers, charts, and commentary to update, this is actually easier said than done, and will require countless hours of work. So you think to yourself, is there a better way to do this?

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QueBIT Blog: Build Your Data Science Team (with a little help from QueBIT)

Posted by Scott Mutchler

Data science has become a key differentiator for many companies.  It’s no longer an isolated group of analysts, with little focus on tangible results, building predictive models in a vacuum.  Data science has matured to become an integral part of an overall business strategy to leverage the most important corporate asset: data.

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QueBIT Blog: Does Your Business Need to “Rent” a Data Scientist?

Posted by Arik Killion

For the uninitiated, perhaps a brief primer is in order around the subject of data science.  If you’ve only recently heard of the “data scientist” moniker, you’re in pretty good company.  According to Google Trends, use of the term was relatively obscure just a few short years ago.

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QueBIT Blog: What’s the difference between ReportWORQ and CDM?

Posted by Maria Szczepaniak

IBM’s CDM is collaborative environment used to CREATE the report templates. QueBIT’s ReportWORQ uses templates (which could be generated in CDM!) and dynamically use parameters to pull information into various output report types and ultimately DISTRIBUTE them.

Key Differences:

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QueBIT Blog: Introducing Planning Analytics Local

Posted by Ryan Clapp

The long-awaited release of Planning Analytics Local (PA Local) is finally here! PA Local brings IBM’s cloud investment to on-premise IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Express customers! If you have not watched our PA Local Webinar, you can find the recording here.

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QueBIT Blog: Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 Released-It’s a Brave New World

Posted by Robin Wilkinson

IBM released the latest version of Cognos Analytics (Cognos 11.0.5) on November 25, 2016.  This newest version includes even more exciting enhancements extending the broad capabilities of the product.  It’s available for download and remember there is a new upgrade process for Cognos Analytics which is different from previous versions.  You no longer have to go through a migration/upgrade path, it’s as easy as installing it over what you already have to quickly access all the new features and enhancements. 

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QueBIT Blog: ReportWORQ-Dual Server Data Pull

Posted by Maria Szczepaniak

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QueBIT Blog: Using Subsets in Excel Based TM1 Reports and Cube Views

Posted by Tony Luongo

Described below are how TM1 users can use Subsets in Excel based TM1 Reports (specifically referenced by DBRW and DBR formulae) and within cube views. This functionality is very useful for the end user and can supersede the need to create numerous alternate hierarchies within dimensions to meet reporting requirements. 

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QueBIT Blog: Perspectives + Cloud = Café

Posted by Robin Stevens

Organizations using IBM Cognos TM1 have many options for front-ends.  There are a lot of good options out there, including some important new arrivals.  This post discusses one of the newer front ends, Café, that has some useful new properties heretofore unavailable, most notably, the ability to utilize TM1 in Excel over a Wide Area Network (WAN.)  Anyone that’s ever tried to use the Excel Perspectives add-in over the WAN will appreciate this new capability! 

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