QueBIT Blog: 3 (More) Things that Cognos Analytics 11.0.4 Gives You

Posted by: Robin Wilkinson Oct 5, 2016 8:13:27 AM
Modeling It is now possible to hide tables and columns in a data module. They are still visible in the modeling interface (a new grey icon) but they are completely hidden from the reporting and... Read More

QueBIT Blog: TM1 Expiring SSL Certificates Fix

Posted by Walter Anez

This blog entry is an update to our blog posted on Sept 27, 2016 Titled How to Fix TM1’s Expiring SSL Certificates.

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QueBIT Blog: Cognos Analytics 11.0.4 Released-It’s a Brave New World Out There!

Posted by Robin Wilkinson

IBM released the latest version of Cognos Analytics (Cognos 11.0.4) on September 16, 2016.  This newest version includes some exciting enhancements extending the broad capabilities of the product.  It’s available for download from the normal locations. There is a new upgrade process for Cognos Analytics which is different from previous versions.  You no longer have to go through a migration/upgrade path, it’s as easy as installing it over what you already have to quickly access all the new features and enhancements. 

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QueBIT Blog: How to Fix TM1’s Expiring SSL Certificates

Posted by Ryan Clapp

This is a follow up to our blog post titled, “QueBIT Blog - WARNING: TM1 may STOP WORKING on November 24, 2016.”  This blog takes a critical look at all of the available solutions to solve the upcoming TM1 SSL expiration issue. It also provides a way to find the best solution for your TM1 system, as well as methods to test the solution was successful.

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QueBIT Blog: Mastering the TM1 DBRW Excel Function

Posted by Robin Stevens

IBM Cognos TM1 is a great planning, forecasting and reporting system. One of its functionalities is to communicate meaningful results to different stakeholders. Many types of reports are used as a vehicle to achieve that goal. One of the common ways to drive most reports is with the DBRW function. While some users are familiar with it, most users only notice the function when they see the error message “*KEY_ERR.”

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QueBIT Blog - WARNING: TM1 may STOP WORKING on November 24, 2016

Posted by Dustin Wells

Notice: There is an Important Issue That will affect All TM1 Installations and Versions

IBM Cognos TM1 ships with a digital certificate called an SSL (“secure Socket Layer”) certificate that is used to securely encrypt communication between the TM1 server and its web and non-web (TM1 Perspectives and TM1 Architect) clients. It’s basically a set of files that sit on the TM1 server. These certificates have expiration dates and it was recently realized that the one that ships with TM1 will expire on November 24, 2016 causing any TM1 server using the certificate to stop communicating with its clients. In other words: TM1 will STOP WORKING unless the certificate files are replaced.

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QueBIT Blog: Cognos Analytics – It’s a Brave New World: To be an Ad-Hoc Data Modeler

Posted by Erik Herman

The term ad-hoc report development has long been part of the analytics lexicon, dare I say a buzzword. The idea of self-service analytics has been a clarion call for many of the major analytics providers - create tools and environments that empower the business users to develop their own analytics, with little or no support from IT required. This self-fulfilling prophecy has never fully materialized, and has only been relevant on the report development side of the analytics functions spectrum.

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QueBIT Blog: It’s A Brave New World…to be a Cognos Analytics Consumer and/or Report/Dashboard Developer

Posted by Erik Herman

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the new release of Cognos Analytics presents an entirely new experience across the IBM analytics professional spectrum from consumer, to report/dashboard developer, to data modeler. Perhaps the most exciting and compelling changes are experienced by individuals actively curating, developing, and sharing analytics in Cognos.

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QueBIT Blog: Cognos Analytics – It’s a Brave New World!

Posted by Erik Herman

The official release of IBM Cognos Analytics (aka Cognos 11) represents a major re-write of the Cognos business analytics tools (not to mention, a re-branding of a re-brand).  I’ve recently attended a Cognos Analytics training session and spent some time working in a Cognos Analytics environment. 

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QueBIT Blog: IBM Cognos TM1 SDK: Delivering TM1TOP Data with Postman and the REST API

Posted by Mike Cowie

In our first post introducing this series on the TM1 SDK, we provided some background on what is the TM1 SDK and why we think it’s worth learning about, even if you aren’t sure if you’d ever need to use it. Since it’s officially summer here, we thought for the second article in our series on the TM1 SDK we’d throw you into the deep end of the pool with one of the most significant TM1 SDK components: the TM1 REST API. If you think you won’t be able to swim, don’t worry: we’ll make sure you stay afloat with a handy, free application called Postman. We’ll show you how to use Postman to do the same kinds of things you might do today with TM1TOP or Operations Console, but using the TM1 REST API with NO programming.

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