QueBIT Blog: Data Warehouse versus Data Lake– Building a Data Warehouse (Part Two)

Posted by: Keith Hollen Oct 17, 2018 9:50:00 AM
In my previous post, Data Warehouse versus Data Lake – The What and the Why (Part one), I discussed the differences between data lakes and data warehouses and when you would use each pattern. In this... Read More

Keith Hollen

Throughout my career, I’ve found a common thread: you can’t run a business effectively without accurate, actionable, and timely information. Businesses today have an abundance of information at their disposal on which to make decisions. But flashy reports and extensive analysis are meaningless if the underlying data cannot be trusted. My experience with software development, data administration, and performance and tuning has given me a broader understanding of data pitfalls and where to look when data problems arise. Using that knowledge, I can help you design a sound data management program to support your business needs.
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QueBIT Blog: Data Warehouse versus Data Lake – The What and the Why (Part 1)

Posted by Keith Hollen

How many projects have you been involved with where you told your business partner you have all the data they need, only to find out the data is far from complete or not in a form they can use? How many deadlines are missed as a result? How does this impact your relationship with other parts of your organization?

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