QueBIT Blog: Upgrading from Cognos Planning to IBM Planning Analytics #4

Posted by: Gary Quirke

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Jul 13, 2018 9:36:00 AM

Blog #4: The six best things from a CFO’s Perspective.

As the CFO, maybe you have been happy with Cognos Planning (CP), or maybe you have not.  Maybe you are aware of the end user and administrator issues with CP, or maybe you are not.  Maybe you prefer being slow to adopt newer technology, or maybe you are not.  Either way to any of these questions, here are six main reasons why you, as the CFO, should upgrade to PA as a no-brainer decision:

  1. PA will keep you in compliance with regulations like GDPR, and CP will not.upgrade-1  That’s a no-brainer, right?
  2. You will receive better performance from your users when they are using PA.  Budgets and forecasts completed more quickly; month end reporting delivered in less time; changes to budgets and forecasts delivered far more efficiently and effectively.
  3. In PA you achieve far more accurate results.  PA operates at the most detailed level, and it also delivers far more sophisticated modeling and calculations.  The Integration of Operations Planning, Financial Planning and Strategic Planning – and even a global financial consolidation - is a realistic objective in PA.  All of this adds up to far greater accuracy and better decision making, resulting in better top and bottom line performance for your organization.
  4. Your employees will be much happier when using PA vs CP.  Employee satisfaction will increase staff retention and help drive superior business performance.
  5. PA has a much lower true cost of ownership than CP.  This is because it does a lot more in the same tool, and you avoid needing to use multiple other technologies, saving a lot of money in the process.  Also, PA is far more easily owned and administered by the business teams in your organization, as opposed to IT.  The burden on IT is reduced when compared to CP.  Lastly, the infrastructure costs required in support of an installation of PA, are generally a lot less than the equivalent for CP; less servers, and/or VMs; much simpler and quicker installation processes; etc.
  6. PA will be around for the long term; CP will not.  PA will serve your needs today, and will keep serving them for the foreseeable future.  Compared to the end of shelf-life scenario for CP, upgrading to PA right now, is indeed a no brainer decision for any CFO.

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