QueBIT Blog: Unlocking Success with IBM Planning Analytics: A Guide for Finance Professionals

Posted by: Justin Croft Aug 24, 2023 1:44:22 PM
In the realm of financial planning and analysis, the key to success often lies in the tools and technologies professionals leverage. IBM Planning Analytics stands out as one such powerful tool that... Read More

QueBIT Blog: An Actionable Data Strategy

Posted by James Miller

Lately there’s been quite a bit of talk about how an organization could - or should - implement a data strategy. One insightful example is a recent post from IBM providing a “six-step approach”.

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Topics: planning analytics, Analytics, Data Strategy

QueBIT Blog: The power of S&OP: integrating sales and ops for better business outcomes

Posted by Justin Croft

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a powerful process that integrates the sales and operations teams of a company to improve planning and collaboration, optimize supply chain management, and drive better business outcomes. In this blog post, we'll discuss the basics of S&OP and its benefits.

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Topics: Analytics, Sales and Operations Planning, S&OP

QueBIT Blog: Busting Myths About Data Prep and Integration

Posted by Justin Croft

It is no secret that analytics and planning projects are based on data. Typically projects involve wrangling some historical datasets, each with their own peculiarities, and then adding in some projection or prediction. Because data is essential, it is also a common stumbling block as business users consider beginning a new analytics and planning project.

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Topics: Data warehouse, Analytics

QueBIT Blog: Evolving from Planning to xP&A

Posted by Justin Croft

Most organizations realized in 2020 that their traditional, manual planning processes were inadequate at best, and a liability at worst. QueBIT and its software partners specialize in helping clients move from disconnected, siloed planning into a collaborative and agile planning process turbocharged by automation and smart use of AI. This future state is Extended Planning & Analysis – or xP&A.

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Topics: Analytics, xP&A, eXtended Planning and Analysis

QueBIT Blog: IBM Data and AI Forum 2019: Let’s Make AI Boring!?

Posted by Michael Cowie

IBM returned to Miami this year with a renamed and somewhat-rebranded version of the conference formerly known as IBM Analytics University. The concept of this new IBM Data and AI Forum was structured around IBM’s “AI ladder” and the rungs of that conceptual ladder: Modernize, Collect, Organize, Analyze and Infuse. It should come as no surprise that “AI” was, thus, more prevalent as a topic of discussion.

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Topics: AI, Analytics

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