QueBIT Blog: IBM Planning Analytics Workspace: Release Recommendations

Posted by: Walter Coffen, Jim Hanifin, Gary Quirke & Ann-Grete Tan Feb 2, 2021 10:43:07 AM
In October 2020, a new user experience (UX) was unveiled for IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW), which we wrote about here. In this article we will share QueBIT’s release recommendations for new... Read More

QueBIT Blog: What FP&A options do SAP customers have after BPC is retired?

Posted by Ann-Grete Tan

About 20 years ago my mentor and former boss, Richard Creeth, was introduced to a new company called OutlookSoft that had developed a corporate performance management (CPM) product called Everest on top of Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services. Richard was well-known back then as an industry analyst and co-author of the OLAP Report and up-and-coming vendors were eager to court his good opinion. Richard was also the principal of a boutique consulting firm that specialized in financial reporting, consolidations and planning which QueBIT acquired in 2008.

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Topics: SAP, IBM

QueBIT Blog: Why people are dropping Oracle EPM to improve FP&A

Posted by Ann-Grete Tan

Once upon a time Oracle’s Hyperion EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solution, built on the Essbase platform, was the market leader for everything “FP&A” (Financial Planning & Analysis) from the annual budget to the rolling forecast, profitability analysis and everything in-between.

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Topics: IBM, Oracle EPM

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