QueBIT Blog: IBM Satellite becomes available - Part 2

Posted by: Walter Coffen Jul 9, 2024 10:00:00 AM
In the prior article, Part 1: IBM Satellite replacing the Secure Gateway, we discussed IBM’s change to how data is loaded through a VPN tunnel into Planning Analytics on Cloud, PAoC. The IBM... Read More

QueBIT Blog: IBM Satellite replacing the Secure Gateway - Part 1

Posted by Walter Coffen

Beginning August 2024, IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud, PAoC, will begin replacing IBM Secure Gateway with IBM Satellite. The business problem that the Secure Gateway and Satellite tools solve is one of data security, specifically how to protect data in a hybrid environment with data in-transit between public and private cloud computing resources. Businesses have been shifting towards utilizing cloud resources like PAoC for a while now, but they still have significant local data, such as data warehouses and ERP systems in their own physical data centers or private clouds. The attractive benefits that caused the creation of PAoC, a cloud-hosted Platform as a Service (PaaS), meant that a safe and secure way of supplying data to PAoC needed to be found. IBM had available in its toolbox the Secure Gateway platform that creates encrypted tunnels between IBM Cloud Secure Gateway servers and private-cloud/on-premises data resources possessed by its customers. With Secure Gateway, data can safely flow data bi-directionally, keeping secure the “crown jewels” of financial data for the enterprise.

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