QueBIT Blog: IBM Planning Analytics and FLASH Bulletins on Security

Posted by: Walter Coffen Sep 2, 2021 10:52:32 AM
IBM produces a great deal of information for clients and business partners to help support the ongoing use of Planning Analytics (PA). One communication tool they have is based on subscribing by... Read More

Walter Coffen

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QueBIT Blog: Planning Analytics for Excel – Single File, Please

Posted by Walter Coffen

Installing IBM® Planning Analytics for Excel just got a lot simpler. The new single XLL file for using IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE) has cleared up a lot of installation issues by altogether eliminating the software installation package. As of PAfE 2.0.65, a single XLL file in either 32-bit or 64-Bit Excel flavors can be downloaded from IBM Fix Central or from

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QueBIT notice re: the April 13 2021, IBM Planning Analytics Secure Gateway Outage

Posted by Walter Coffen

To all PA Cloud customers:

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