QueBIT Blog: Leveraging AI and ML: Incorporating Strategic Initiatives into the Planning Process

Posted by: Justin Croft Jul 20, 2023 1:46:34 PM
Finance leaders face the challenge of effectively integrating emerging technologies like AI and ML into their planning processes. With the abundance of hype surrounding these technologies, it's... Read More

QueBIT Blog: Benefits of Automated Forecasting with Machine Learning

Posted by Justin Croft

The world of business is always changing. To keep up, companies must embrace new technologies and methods to streamline their processes. One area that can be greatly improved with automation is revenue forecasting. Automated revenue forecasting can reduce the amount of time spent on data gathering and analysis, leading to more accurate predictions and a better bottom line. However, automated forecasting with machine learning (ML) can take things one step further by incorporating past data, trends, and other factors that may not be easily observed or quantified. This leads to even more accurate predictions and a better understanding of the business landscape.

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Topics: Predictive Revenue Forecasting

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